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Feel Fabulous Fridays

Date: 15 December 2023 @ 9:30 am - 3:30 pm GMT



Our Feel Fabulous Fridays are all about taking time out for yourself  in the beautiful, tranquil surroundings of Toolerstone House.

Book a class (or 2) and enjoy our Coffee Shop, which is open exclusively to those who have booked on to one of our sessions throughout the day. Have a light bite, a brew and enjoy the garden view. We will be serving from 9am until 2pm with last orders at 1:30pm. Please note that we will close at 3pm.

Please note that ALL bookings for Feel Fabulous Fridays need to be made directly with the tutors via the links provided in the details below.

We recommend you wear suitable attire and bring your own exercise mat.

If the weather is kind we will hold the classes outside on the lawn.

All classes are low impact and suitable for all abilities. As with all exercise please ensure you are fit & able to take part and if you have any concerns about this please contact the individual tutors as directed below.


Pilates – 9:45 to 10:45


Clare Curtis will be teaching our first session on Feel Fabulous Fridays. Pilates is a complete movement system to enhance overall well-being. To balance the mind and body, by optimising joint and muscle health,   posture and breathing.  Through control, the precision of movement, and awareness of alignment you rediscover an efficient, seamless and beautiful connection to movement.  This promotes strength, stability, falls prevention, inner strength and confidence, mobility and flexibility and helps to reduce injury. Breathing will improve as you restore your natural posture. Muscle tension will ease and your energy levels will be enhanced.

Changes are gradual and subtle but life-changing,  notice climbing the stairs, reaching, balancing, lifting and coordination all feel easier. Sports performance improves along with the quality of everyday life and doing whatever you love.


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PureStretch – 11am to 11:45am


Emma, of Emma Wilson Fitness, will be teaching PureStretch which

is a top to toe functional stretch class. Working on your balance and posture, relaxing our mind as well as our muscles! Effectively mobilising joints in a gentle way to improve their overall health and range of movement. Releasing fascia and connective tissue which gets stuck and contributes to us feeling stiff and sore. Allowing your body to move within it’s own limits, but working on your flexibility, core and strength. By connecting with our muscle groups in a deliberate set of movement, it promotes good pelvic health, happy hips, healthy hamstrings, shoulder and spinal mobility, so that your daily tasks and movement like stairs, balancing, lifting yourself on and off the floor or sofa, getting in and out of the car, your sports performance, playing with children and grandchildren etc are improved.

A unique fusion of Pilates & yoga and a wonderful way to give your body some self-love and care, helping reduce risks of injury, promoting recovery from daily life and of course aiding your confidence in your own body and it’s capabilities so you can live the life you love!

Restorative movement for your mind and body.


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Hatha Yoga – 12 midday to 1pm


Clare Curtis will be teaching hatha Yoga which is a Mind-body practice that incorporates gentle flowing movement, balances, meditation,  breathing techniques, and relaxation to quieten our busy minds, relax tense muscles and ease joint stiffness to promote physical and mental well-being. You will be welcomed with a smile in her weekly sessions, where all levels are welcome and you can leave your stresses and tension behind.

Clare has a BSc First Class Hons in Sports Science and over 23 years of experience teaching yoga to share with you.  Through a slow, mindful yoga practice you can experience inner calm, re-energise and feel more balanced.


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