Summer photography workshops

Photography in the gardens… Pick up your camera, leave your preconceptions behind and take a fresh look through your lens as you join us for

tai chi during wellness workshop

Wellbeing Ways

It may be just that time of year, when it’s cold outside and the nights are long and we find our thoughts turning, inevitably, to

swing by a pond and lavender flowers at toolerstone

Spring Fever

We just can’t wait for Spring to burst into the gardens here at Toolerstone. We are giddy as a herd of gambling lambs INTRODUCING LEAH

people during a shop event at toolerstone

Toolerstone’s To’s and Fro’s

The ‘Little Shop’ Opening On the 2nd December we officially opened our ‘little shop’. We welcomed in friends and neighbours with Christmas lights, mince pies

Toolerstone outdoors

Harvest Hoolie

A Harvest is the gathering in of the good things produced in the summer months of the year. Usually crops, fruit and vegetables of course.

Camilla and Andy

Camilla’s story

I have lived at Toolerstone for over twenty years and it has been a very happy family home. Sadly, just before our first national lockdown,

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